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Verizon Please Let me remove CityID

I don’t think I’m asking too much.  I spent a great deal on my DroidX along with accessories.  It is by far my favorite phone but  Crapware is Crapware whether its on the PC or infultrating my mobile device and that is not beneficial to anyone.

That said, I love promoting software via bundling and have found some great applications this way.  My DroidX came bundled with some apps that I’m not using but may wish to someday and in fact I was using CityID till I received the alert that  my trial was up and that I would be charged $2.00 per month if I wanted to keep using it.  Now knowing where someone is calling from is nice but worth $24.00 a year – not for me.  Even the software maker talks about how this app even with “modest adoption rates in the of 8-10% range have a meaningful bottom-line impact” – you too can see how Verizon and others can make millions this way by also looking at their “Revenue Calculator” @ but what I don’t get is why Verizon does not realize that ticking off your user base is a much greater cost than benefit.

I have asked Verizon and Cequint how to remove this.  Verizon has said that they are working on a response – this is the response that I received from Cequint.


Dear Mr. Wallace:

 Thank you for taking the time to contact us.  Because City ID is one of the preinstalled applications on the Droid X, there are no install or uninstall options (as is currently the case with all applications that are preinstalled on the Android operating system).

At the end of the 15-day free trial, a trial expired message appears to inform you the trial has expired.  This expiration screen will ask if you would like to subscribe to City ID with the options “Yes,” “No,” or “Remind Me Later.”  Selecting “No” on the touch screen will disable City ID, and the city and state of calls will no longer be displayed.

Thank you for your message and feedback.


The Cequint Team

Cequint Incorporated
1011 Western Avenue | Suite 800
Seattle | WA | 98104

Confidential Information – this email and any and all attachments to it are Cequint’s confidential information and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. Any unauthorized disclosure or forwarding of this email or any files transmitted with it constitutes a breach of your confidentiality obligations to Cequint. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender, delete this email from your system and do not disseminate, distribute or copy this email or the files attached to it.  Please treat all documents shared from Cequint as confidential.


So according to Cequint – they don’t seem to care. But as a user – I sure do – and I’m sure if other users have questions that perhaps those questions should also be asked of Cequint’s support.

I really like the DroidX and I have been with Verizon for years but in all those years I have never had them force an application on my phone that I could not remove.  I’m all for the phone introducing me to apps that I may like and wish to purchase – all I ask is that as the person who purchased the phone and pays for a family plan with data and hotspot access is that you let me remove apps that are not crucial and that I don’t want.

I seem to remember the “EU” suing Microsoft over IE not being able to be removed and I certainly think IE is more crucial to Windows than City ID is to the Android Operating System.  Maybe I need to “Get Jesse” – but is it really too much to ask both Verizon and Cequint to do the right thing?

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