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After many years on the radio on stations like WSIX, KNIX and Z107, I made a career change in 1995 becoming a co-founder of InterActive Agency. iAgency’s clients included the Dodgers, Warner Bros, AOL, Happy Puppy, Engage Games Online, the Palace etc.

In 2000, I sold iAgency to my business partner and joined Live365 as the companies VP of marketing and public relations. It soon became the #1 Internet Radio Network.

I developed an expertise in cyber-security over the last several years which also became my career focus. Currently I’m with Trend Micro as the company’s Global Senior Public Relations Manager for Consumer and SMB. Formerly, I have also served with Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Division and was the VP of Public Relations for Panda Security.

Additionally, I have also served many years as a judge for the Codie Awards.

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April 2017
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What Did I Say on Twitter

  • Sure the suit is warm - but Piffs a dragon so of course he wants a cool studio @ChrisStigall 1 day ago
  • @Indiegogo why are you not stepping in on #cyberdrive this has not delivered for over a year(sequin player) - losing faith in Indiegogo 1 week ago
  • Clearly you don't understand how this works - if HRC is the standard then Ossoff did win @Richzeoli 1 week ago
  • You know its going to be a good day when it begins with a Michael Winslow reference @ChrisStigall 1 week ago
  • I am officially cured of my love of the iphone 7+ - nothing like having it burn your hand to learn how useless apple care is 2 weeks ago