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First Look: Samsung S6 Edge

Alan Wallace snapped up a Samsung S6 Edge. He likes the screen, the fast charging and the wireless charging. But what’s up with the audio? First look review.

aNewDomain — I took the opportunity to purchase a Samsung S6 Edge, and I picked it up at my local Verizon store. Here’s my first look.

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The major pluses for this phone: the screen, the fast charging, the wireless charging, the quality of the camera and several under the hood enhancements that other smartphone vendors have overlooked, which I’ll get to in a minute. Android 5.02 Lollipop is the build that came with my 64GB phone.

Right off the bat, I was seriously disenchanted with the quality of the audio. HTC does this right, and I had hoped for more from Samsung with this new phone, especially because the company took such a beating on this from the HTC One M8.

Things that surprised me that should not surprise me anymore: a lack of any good sound effects for ring tones and other system events. Smartphones that use Lollipop generally make increased use of Themes. HTC, for instance, created some really nice ones for the M9. But Samsung fails in this regard. With the Samsung Edge you just get the default, plus two others that look like someone’s child built them.

There is, however, a great Avengers theme. Great if you don’t mind your phone advertising the movie launch date every single time you need to hit the power button.

I have also noticed that the Amazon app keeps crashing, but the smartphone is just out, after all.

I’d heard this phone was supposed to show off Microsoft apps, too. So far it looks like I will be loading them myself.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying that I don’t like this phone — I do. In fact, I was really about ready to finally go all out iOS but the Samsung 6 Edge kept me on Android for a couple of good reasons. One, I really like Android, and this phone does have a great look. Two, I really wanted the fast and wireless charging. The Samsung Edge is a leader in this respect.

I found a new fast charger for the car, a new clear case and screen protector built just for this phone. Now I’m busy reinstalling the apps. But I definitely have to load some new ringtones that sound newer than 2000.

Oh wait, Verizon forgot to activate my hotspot. Got to call tech support first.

For aNewDomain, I’m Alan Wallace.

Originally published at on April 12, 2015.

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DroidX – First Thoughts

I’m normally just ok with a new phone – happy I have something newer and hopeful that I’m not ready to give it back in the first 30 days but usually after the first 5 minutes I have figured out everything that I thought was cool and am already bored.

Today I purchased a new DroidX.  I found some nice bundles at Verizon today that helped me get better prices and thought that today was the best organized I have seen Verizon on a phone launch.  I cannot remember a previous time when I could get the accessories I needed on the same day but today was certainly the exception that should be the rule and the accessories were really cool.

Likes and Product Suggestions:
I have missed docking stations and for the DroidX there are docking stations for home and the car – I may get another one or two for the home as I like them.  I also got the rubber case for the DroidX but wish that it would still fit in either docking station when I put the protective case on – I want to use the great docking stations – but also want to do what I can to protect the phone for when I accidently drop it.

Not sure if it will replace my car’s GPS but I love how I can plug the phone into my car’s AUX jack and listen to radio stations via the IHEART app – and in fact not only the audio quality for streaming but the built in internal FM radio sounds better than the FM Radio in my Nissan.  I would like to take this time to say to all of those who doubted me when I said at the Country Radio Seminar in 2001 that Internet Radio would be in the car within 10 years – that I was right and have a year to go on that prediction (remind me to email David Lawrence)

I’m experimenting with all of the new apps and enjoying what I’m seeing so far.  I’m not sure what will happen with the Android Software Push in the near future but here that it will have enhancements for Microsoft’s Exchange ™.  I’m looking forward to seeing what will be coming but at the top of my request list – is help the phone to be able to read more than one Exchange account as I access at least two exchange environments.

Lastly it makes really clear phone calls – I almost forgot this was a phone too.

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I’m buying the DroidX on the 15th

I have been a loyal Windows Mobile user for years.  I have strayed occasionally to RIM and would have loved to have switched to the iPhone but could not comprehend switching from Verizon but as a loyal Windows Mobile User I have felt like I was missing out.  I was there from day one version 1 and still with 6.5 and a plethora of disconnected smartphones from Samsung to the Palm Treo as well as my current HTC and I am just not going to wait for Windows Series 7 anymore.  I had hoped that Apple would grace us with good news for Verizon but if Google is willing to step up – so am I.

I had a chance to try out the Google Nexus for 30 days on T-Mobile and the phone was so cool I almost forgot it was on T-Mobile but the apps were amazing and nothing like I have ever seen on a Windows Mobile device.  I had stayed with these phones mostly because I’m an Exchange user which in looking back is RIM actually offers more features than Microsoft as it’s the device that would allow me to run more than one exchange account.  Odd since MS invented Exchange and Windows Mobile and Outlook.

So Microsoft is now working on version 7 of its phone OS but just killed its KIN with only a few weeks release – so again – what is it I’m waiting for on Win Series 7?  What I find really interesting is how cool the IPhone was on Version 1 – how cool the Google Nexus was on Version 1 – the Microsoft Phone on Version 7 may be cool but I have been disappointed so many times and I’m not ready for this again.  I know I’m not switching to Zune so if Win Series 7 is supposed to be more like a Zune – it’s not a selling point for me.

So while I wish the DroidX had a keyboard like its predecessor – I’m still going to get it and hear that the screen and camera are more Incredible – than the HTC Incredible.

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