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I wish the “Do Not Call Registry” actually meant something!

I received a call today that seems to be a new trend in telemarketing. Generally it’s a call that comes from a number with a useless caller ID and says something like – we are in your area installing free security systems – other scenarios include – calling about your credit card, or carpet cleaning – press 1 for more information.

In this case the call came from 920-560-2425 and in this case the phone disconnected and they called back later. When I asked where they got my number – they told me from various data sources – so I asked for a supervisor who tried to convince me that since I selected Option 1 that I had opted in for their call and therefore they followed the Do Not Call Registry – Despite their breaking it with the first call.

Can the FTC do something please?

 I liked the idea of the “Do Not Call Registry” – I just wish it meant something.


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