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DMCA – still no cigar?

I saw this article today on PC World and wanted to comment.  As someone who actually made a living for part of my career because of the DMCA – I wish the Library of Congress had gone further.

While I’m pleased that the iphone can now be ‘legally’ jail broken so that it can run other third party software apps – I don’t own one and see this more for future security hacks and iphone vulnerabilities.  I’m sure next years BlackHat will be even more interesting as a result but what I really wanted to see with this latest ruling is more common sense added to the DMCA.

I have purchased over time a fairly large DVD collection.  Surprisingly DVD’s and game software somehow does not live as long in the hands of an elementary school kid as it does in the hands of their parent who is at least slightly older. I have also purchased movies via ITUNES and like to watch those movies that I have purchased and downloaded on my IPAD, IPOD and AppleTV.  Frankly though, I absolutely think I should be able to use handbrake on my DVD’s to put them on these devices storing them in a manner that keeps them safe and protected.

I’m sure the Library of Congress did not have as many lobbyists from APPLE as those from the MPAA but seriously – I don’t want to steal content and I don’t want to share content where I don’t have the right but I do want to use and play content I own and I should be allowed to make a digital copy at least for backup.

I wish the law would catch up to real life needs.

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